The Story of AwesomeStories

"As a trial attorney, my job is to explain the facts of a case — which often can be incredibly specific and technical — in a way that jurors from all backgrounds can understand and relate-to. Not only must I have my facts totally straight, I also need to tell a story that's compelling in order to keep 12 people engaged for hours, days, weeks or even months during a trial. I brought the same standards and urgency to creating our website. AwesomeStories presents the "case set up" — the context for the story, plus its entire vast array of evidence. Each story, with its various points of view, is 'on trial,' and you are the advocates and the jury!"

Carole Bos, J.D., founder and creator of AwesomeStories

Our Founder

Our story begins with highly successful trial attorney Carole D. Bos, J.D. and her passion for connecting with, captivating, and educating judges and jurors in her court cases.

Preparing and trying cases with primary-source evidence — witnesses, pictures, documents, explanatory videos and computer-generated graphics — Carole realized that education in the 21st century could benefit from the rigor and story engagement of the courtroom process.

So, Carole founded AwesomeStories. Her vision has led to the flourishing of this exceptional 21st-century learning tool.

Whether in the classroom or the courtroom, people learn from examining evidence (primary sources) and hearing differing viewpoints, as all those items are pulled-together in a story format. When the stories are also interactive, as they are at AwesomeStories, learners are involved in the process.

Why We're Awesome

As a teacher, your time is very limited, with multiple demands on the time you do have. You try to make the best choices of content for your students and yet, even in a time of an abundance of resources, you can’t find exactly what you are looking for. This can be stressful and frustrating. However …

 What if you had a trusted source of information that:

  1. Is more exciting than Wikipedia?
  2. Is about the most important historical and current events?
  3. Is searchable by grade and ability level? 
  4. Is aligned with Common Core standards and benchmarks?
  5. Is linked with other stories?
  6. Utilizes multiple videos, audio links, and has translation available?
  7. Incorporates over 100,000 primary source documents?
  8. Contains stories/events that have been the most recommended by teachers?
  9. Is personalized to each student?
  10. Has been built by an award winning trial attorney who has balanced the words “compelling” and “reliable” so that you can use stories that are engaging, accurate, and trustworthy with your students?


 What if follow-up tools were already in place when students finish a story?

  1. Compelling essential questions that encourage critical thinking
  2. A story building tool that helps a student respond with their own story
  3. Student learning tasks connected with each story that are sortable by grade level
  4. The ability for a student to publish their story on our website
  5. A way for teachers to respond to and monitor student work


 AwesomeStories is all of the above — AND MORE!


Who We Serve

At its heart, AwesomeStories is designed for use by the classroom teacher in a grade PK-12 setting. Those in instructional support roles such as media specialists, gifted/talented coordinators, and instructional coaches may also find AwesomeStories a great resource to direct others to.

That said, AwesomeStories really can be used productively by anyone of any age who is interested in learning!

For additional details about who and how we help, see our FAQs page here.

Searching for Resources for your Students?

While there are many great programs and apps out there today, they can be overwhelming and unfortunately only do limited things. AwesomeStories is a site that helps you in the planning process, gives you great content to offer to your students, and provides appropriate follow-up tools to manage student response. 

In these times that demand utmost flexibility and simplicity, check out what AwesomeStories has to offer as a way to offer quality material to your students while easing follow-up on student responses.