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We’ve put together some sample stories at various school levels for you to enjoy. Explore below!


Have your students ever seen a real Truffula Tree? Have they met a real Once-ler? Do they know what The Lorax means by “Unless?” Lead them through the fictional story by comparing the tale with real life.

Provide students with an entirely new way of enjoying this beloved story as they watch a “real Charlotte” spin a web, learn how her non-winged baby spiderlings fly — and much, much more!

Middle School

After Eleanor Roosevelt took a ride in a plane piloted by an African-American pilot, she convinced her husband — the U.S. President — to open a new world for black pilots. Meet the “Red Tails,” and learn how they overcame racial prejudice to excel during World War II.


When Tice Davids disappeared from view, his actions gave name to a movement. Students explore the real world of the Underground Railroad with a story narrative, pictures, maps, graphics and videos.


High School

Starting with how to properly pronounce Vincent’s last name, students explore van Gogh’s growing body of work and track how this struggling artist — afflicted with physical and mental illness — becomes one of the world’s leading artists.


Ever experience a massive hurricane where the Atlantic’s waves reached 100 feet? Ever spend any time on a 72-foot boat looking for swordfish? Experience what the “Perfect Storm Crew” endured when they and their vessel, the Andrea Gail, encountered a monster storm.

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